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05 Nov

Saturday during the Winter Polish Open Championship in swimming was more interestig during fights for championships. A team from Netherlands won five medals, also interestingly two swimmers from South Korea were the champions. From polish Team the best result made Jacek Czech.

05 Nov

The second day of the open winter polish swimming championship brought morepositive emotions than the previous one. Today we could see that not onlycompetitors from Netherlands were the winners. Interestingly swimmers fromSouth Korea won the medals for the first places.

04 Nov

They always come to Szczecin in strong Paraolympics team and it is no change this 2022 year. The representatives of the Netherlands won 9 out 10 gold medals on the first day of the competition. They won 100 meters freestyle, 50 meters breaststroke, 50 meters butterfly women, 100 meters backstroke and 4×100 meters medley.

The best – so far – is Lisa Kruger who has already won 3 gold medals (one in medley) and one silver. Thomas Van Wanrooij also ended the day with 3 gold medals, including 2 in individual comepition. Florian Bultje, Amber VAn Der Kruk and Rogier Dorsman achieved two medals each.

One gold medal was collected by Michał Galus (Poland) on 50 meters in butterfly.

04 Nov

176 competitors are participating in the tournament in Szczecin, from allover the world. The competition is not only a possibility to compete in ayear after Olimpic Games, but also it can help to make minimum for gettinginto the world championships.

24 Nov

We have to wait another year for such a great and exciting competition. Smiling athletes from Spain and Netherlands, full of energy representants of Iraq.