Winter Polish Open – New Hope

Winter Polish Open – New Hope

We have to wait another year for such a great and exciting competition. Smiling athletes from Spain and Netherlands, full of energy representants of Iraq.
On the tribunes we could see thee biggest team of this edition of Winter Polish Open- representants of Denmark. Polish athletes were impressed of the organization level presented in Szczecin.

Result of the day belongs to Cleo Keizer from Netherlands in 50m backstroke women event(961 points). Among Polish women, representant of Szczecin Paulina Woźniak, won the gold in 50m backstroke event with the result of 774 points.
The best result among men belongs to Patryk Biskup from KKS Włókniarz 2925 Kalisz.

The best of the bests of Winter Polish Open 2019:

The best women athlete: Paulina Woźniak (KSI Start Szczecin) with 2518 points in the best 3 starts.
The best men athlete: Igor Hrehorowicz (Start Wrocław) with 2571 points in the best 3 starts.
The best team: Uzbekistan
The best polish team: KSI Start Szczecin
Ready for everything: volunteers
Also ready for everything: children. Sunday was also an interesting day with many attractions: painting faces, reading books, karate performances and first aid classes for the youngest ones.

May the #WPO be with you, always!