Sport Club for Disabled ``START`` Szczecin as an Local Organizing Committee of
2020 Winter Polish Open Championships in Para Swimming for Athletes with Disabilities,
which would be held on 13-15 November 2020 in Szczecin, Poland
would like to warmly invite all the Sport Clubs from all over the world to participate in our competition.
All details about Winter Polish Open can be found in General Information, please make sure that you familiarize with General Information and all organizational information are known to you:


Basic entry fee

The registration fee (the Basic Entry Fee) per each person (athletes & team officials) is 50 €.
This cost includes:

  • Daily transport shuttle (hotel-venue)
  • Competition operation costs

Fees must be paid to the competition office upon arrival at the competition.

Entry and closing date

Entries shall be returned to the LOC up to the Final Entry Deadline 5 October 2020 using the official Final Entry Booking Form.

Please be informed, that applications sent after the deadline may not be accepted.

Please fill the Entry Form carefully and with full responsibility, no changes will be accepted after the deadline! Teams record their application in the LOC could be charged in case of changing or canceling their Entry after deadline!

All relevant documents must be sent to all the following addresses:

Name: Karolina Węgrzyn, Patrycja Witkowska, Arkadiusz Skrzypinski

(please send all information to both LOC addresses)

Cancelation/refunds policy

Cancellations until the Final Entry Deadline (5 October 2020) Teams are not liable to pay the basic entry fee for any canceled participants
Cancellations between 5 October 2020 and 20 October 2020 Teams are not liable to pay the basic entry fee for any canceled participants
Cancellations from 21 October 2020 Teams are liable to pay 50% of the basic entry fee and 50% of accommodation costs for any of canceled participant (whole team costs in case of canceling participation of the team)

The outstanding fees due to cancellation must be paid to the LOC upon arrival at the competition. In case of canceling a participation of the whole team after 21 October 2020 (and therefore when there would be no possibility for the team to pay at the LOC office), the LOC will issue an invoice for the relevant to the team for payment via a bank transfer.




This is a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit your classification requests for the Winter Polish Open Championships in Szczecin is on 1 October (23:59 CET). Please submit your requests by email at WPS team will respond to your requests right after the classification deadline.

Also, we would like to inform you that the entry deadline and the deadline to submit your entry booking forms have changed to 5 October (23:59 CET).

In order to make your necessary accommodation booking, and ensure transport and accreditation for your team you must submit your Final Entry Booking Form by the Final Entry Deadline (5 October 2020) to the LOC on BOTH e-mails:,

The Final Entry Booking Form must contain the following, fulfilled information for your team:

  • Page 1: Accreditation List

  • Page 2: Accommodation Booking Request

  • Page 3: Transport Information

Entries to the competition must be registered in IPC Online Entry System until 5 October 2020.

Entries to the events should be filled in Splash Meet Manager which will be send to the teams few weeks after the entry deadline.

Submitting the application is tantamount to a declaration of compliance with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Information about current restrictions will be provided to you few days before the competition.