Sport Club for Disabled START in Szczecin gets an opportunity to host a International Classification
during the Winter Polish Open 2018 for a second time in history of Polish Para Swimming. 


This year classification would be handled for Physical Impaired swimmers (PI). 


This competition offers international classification for the following impairment group.

Physical impairment (PI) Tuesday 13th November – Thursday 15th November.
PI classification will be held at the competition venue.


World Para Swimming will schedule athletes with a New or Review status pursuant
with the below regulations, once NPCs have applied for a classification slot.


An athlete will only be permitted to undergo International Classification if he or she:

Is registered and/or licensed with World Para Swimming pursuant to the relevant provisions
in the World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations;

Has been entered into the competition by the entry deadline;

Has submitted Medical Diagnostics information
(Medical Diagnostic Form and supporting documents) to the Sport Data Management System (SDMS)

PI MDFs must be uploaded at least 6 weeks before the athlete undergoes classification.


If an Athlete is required to attend Athlete Evaluation, Athletes must arrive at
the competition prior to the start of the classification period. World Para Swimming
will schedule athletes in accordance with the classification period and not arrival dates of athletes.
World Para Swimming WILL NOT entertain any request to change any athlete’s classification times.


If an athlete is classified Non-eligible it is at the discretion of the Technical Delegate if the athlete is allowed to swim for performance only.


Athletes should take note of the Athlete Evaluation Requirements outlined in Article 4
(Athlete Evaluation) of the World Para Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations.
Failure to comply with these rules may lead to the suspension of Athlete Evaluation.


For all further information about international classification please contact Jovana Zrnzevic



All details for classification may be found in General Information below: